Easily create, organize and blog beautifully simple notes


Make notes fast and easy with our awesome yet simple editor using Markdown. Spend less time fiddling and more time making beautiful, useful content.


Easy searching, grouping, tagging and hierarchies keep your notes at yourfingertips and turns you into a text wranglin' virtuoso!


Keep your private notes private but share the ones you want to with family, friends or colleagues.

Creating Notes has Never Been Easier

  • Create notes fast without having to mess with toolbars and painful styling.
  • Consistently formatted with Markdown. With Markdown, it's hard to make your notes look bad.
  • Live preview so you can see exactly how your formatted notes look, as you type!

Simply Organized

What good are your notes if you can't find them?

  • Add tags to your notes to help categorize and find them.
  • Use our powerful search to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Add related notes together in topics.
  • Organizing your notes in a topic not granualar enough? That's no problem, create a hierarchy of your notes in the topics that makes sense to you and how your notes relate.


Your private notes are your business, but share what you like with others. It's fast and easy.

  • Easily share you notes with friends and family.
  • These shared notes won't be index by search engines, so only those with the links can see them.
  • If you do decide to share your notes with the world, you can blog them (see below).


Without TextTote, creating a blog and getting your posts up can be a pain as you switch between your blogging software and where you keep you notes.

With TextTote, blogging is a snap. As you create, edit and organize your own notes you can decide when/if a note is blog worthy and simply click the "Include this note in my TextTote blog." checkbox and you're done! All your blog notes are then organized on your blog page based on the topic that they're in. This makes it easy for readers to navigate your content and keeps things super organized.

Also, if you want, you can get feedback from readers. Including comments is no problem!

  • Organize your blog notes and have future blog posts at the ready.
  • Updating your blog is trivial, a blog posting is just another note that is easily organized and updated.
  • Control how it looks by adding custom titles, show or hide dates, etc...
  • Let your readers intract and leave comments... or not. It's up to you and is set for each blog posting.
  • Your blog site is automatically generated the moment you make a single note bloggable. Too easy!

Geek Alert!

We'll admit it, we're geeks. And if you have a little geek in you then we think you'll like this next part.

Easily make your notes public as...

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • JSON
  • XML
  • Plain Text

Yes, that's right. You can build a whole web page with TextTote!

This is also great for keep those code snips handy and running, serving sample data, or dropping some settings into the cloud... fast and easy.

Just save your note's title with the desired extension, make it public and we'll serve it up accordingly! Awww yeah.

We're Just Getting Warmed Up!

We're working hard to make TextTote something you truly love to use.

We here at Leaping Goose Inc. strongly believe in 'eating your own dog food', which means we love and use TextTote everyday ourselves. For things like managing the TextTote project to managing our lives (recipes, todo lists, blogs, etc...). If there's something that's annoying you, it's probably annoying us too and we'll be on the case to fix it!

We look forward to releasing more awesome but uncomplicated features. So stay tuned, stay connected... we love feedback!. We'll do our best to deliver the best product we're capable of making. That's a promise.

   ~ The TextTote team at Leaping Goose Inc.

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